Sailing Phang-Nga Bay and Andaman Sea Thailand

I have a dream to embark on some extended sailing adventures with the family once we achieve FI (financial independence).  This idea has been a major source of motivation and distraction when the stresses of work are particularly strong.  The catch is that although I have significant experience with small power and sailboats, my large-boat skipper experience is very limited.  For this reason, Mrs. Zero and I have had a plan to take advantage of our expat assignment travel budget (we are way too cheap to pay for something like this out of pocket) and gain experience through formal training and bareboat chartering.  … Continue reading

Little Rewards

When I only had 50 dollars to save at the end of the month, it seemed hardly worth saving. Someone, somewhere, had advised me to save it, but I thought they must be crazy to think that riches could come from saving 50 dollars every month. Those advice-givers certainly didn’t understand where I was coming from. I felt as if I was working hard and doing all the right things, and it would be nice to have a little reward to enjoy.

In the beginning, Mr. Zero and I rented a very modest little house.… Continue reading

Why am I not driven to be “rich?” Am I defective?

Now that I laid our financial history (souls) to bear in my first post, I thought it would be good to provide more insight into my frame of mind as it relates to financial goals and my career.  No doubt this post fits nicely in the “First World Problems” category.  Besides that, it may also serve as a lesson on opportunity costs.

We are now squarely in the wealth building phase of our journey.  Without any gains from the markets, we are currently building net worth at a rate of approximately 3X our planned post retirement spending per year.… Continue reading

Our financial journey

OK, after much heming and hawing about whether to share this stuff publicly, we have resolved to lay our past and present on the line for all to see.  Why are we doing this?  First and foremost, without providing context, I think it will be tough to write relatable and genuine content.  Second, the purpose of this blog is to share our path.  Hopefully, some will find it educational or even inspiring.  So here is our story in one simple chart.


2000:  My wife and I started our professional careers in 2000.  … Continue reading