Blog’s We Like

JL Collins:  I recommend this site to anyone who is interested in taking control of their financial life.  Jim’s simple approach to financial management and investing resonates with me.   The Occam’s Razor principle of problem solving says that the solution that requires the fewest assumptions (guesses) is most likely the right answer.  Jim is a modern day Occam.  All bow before the master.

Mr. Money Mustache: One of the original FIRE (financial independence-retire early) bloggers.  If you haven’t already visited, his site is definitely worth your time.    The forums are fun as well.

Go Curry Cracker:  By far my favorite FI blog.  Jeremey produces some of the most useful posts out there.  If you are interested in FIRE, investing, taxes and travel hacking,  GCC is a must.  He and Winnie also seem to be super cool people.

Mr. Tako Escapes:  Mr. Tako is living the dream and I share his love of tasty cephalopods.

1500 Days:  The fifteen hundreds have already achieved their goal but are still working and building wealth.  A well written and active blog.

Root of Good:  Justin retired in his early 30’s and is now spending time with his family any damn well way he pleases.

Living a FI:  If you are ever feeling tired of your work environment, you might be able to relate to Dr. Doom.

The Nomad Trip:  Nate is a young guy who saved his money, bought a sailboat in Panama and is now sailing and spear fishing his way around the world.

Rockstar Finance:  This link takes you to Rockstar Finance’s list of personal finance blogs who publish their net worth and financial details.  Regardless of where you are in your journey or your approach, you will likely find a blog that relates.

Mad Fientist:  Great content, especially around tax strategies and management of 401K’s, IRA’s, etc.. while in early retirement.  His Roth conversion ladder posts were particularly helpful.  His podcast with other personal financial bloggers is also entertaining.

Follow the Boat:  Jamie and Liz are rockstars in my book.  They have been cruisers for about 10 years and have produced some great video content on YouTube.   They are currently somewhere in SE Asia.  Although I have never met Jamie and Liz, they remind me of just the kind of people that have made our expat experiences so fulfilling.

Mustard Seed Money:  MSM has built an active blog in a relatively short amount of time.  How did he do it?   By posting interesting, educational and thought provoking content frequently.

Red Two Green:  It’s one thing to blog about personal finance and you net worth once it’s reached a respectable level, it’s a whole other thing to do it when you are just starting out and $600K in debt!  Kudos to Red Two Green!

Penny and Rich:  What an awesome idea for a blog!  Penny and Rich are cousins with very different approaches to money and life.  Their readers get a glimpse into their erudite and honest debates on the subject.