What will you do after retirement?

A few months ago I was at a work dinner with my boss and some executives from my company.  Over the course of dinner the discussion turned to the recent news that another executive had just announced his retirement at the tender age of 53 [Whoa.. so young.. bwah ha ha]!  At that moment I felt like the guy who needed to zip his mouth shut, apply a pad lock and throw away the key.

My boss (who is the same age as the guy retiring):  I just don’t know what I would do with all that time on my hands.… Continue reading

I might be an A-Hole.

Into the sunset! No looking back!

I am guessing I am not alone here, but as our Financial Independence date draws closer (currently sometime in mid-2019), I find that the same questions of doubt keep percolating to the forefront of my mind. They all have something in common – they put a big gnarling pit in my stomach.

I have always prided myself on being hard working and responsible.  Even when things didn’t go my way, I could always fall back on a feeling of “well, I did my best and that is all one can do.”   I think this is why these questions resonate, until I feel sick to my stomach.  … Continue reading