So you want to be a Zero?

As I first started to discover the Financial Independence blogging world, I came across J-Money’s website, Rockstar Finance.  Besides being full of interesting content, one of my favorite pages on his site is the running list of the net worth of FI bloggers.  If you haven’t already, you should go check it out.

The great thing about the list, besides the fact that so many people are willing to share the intimate details of their financial situation, is the breadth of situations represented.  Currently the top end of the net worth listed is No Nonsense Landlord, who reports a net worth >$4 million.  … Continue reading

Evaluating Net Self-Worth

Mr. Zero and I are in pursuit of financial independence.  If you’ve read his posts, you know that we have a timeline, a very well-defined plan taking into account FIRE (Financial Independence and Retiring Early), college tuitions, healthcare costs, etc. It’s all right to assume that every time we move forward within the plan, we get pleasure meeting a goal.

I begin this self-analysis as Part 2 of my post about Dale Carnegie. His remarks on the human need for feeling valuable had caused me to look at everyone around me to see how they derived pleasure.… Continue reading

Desire and Dale Carnegie

Previous attempt at manipulation. Zero #3 thinks he is a comedian.

Recently, I realized that I suck as a saleswoman. No, I didn’t have a particular good or service to sell. What I wanted to do was persuade people to volunteer. My challenge was finding a way to sell them on the belief that volunteering is worthwhile and valuable.  I needed to find some trick to get them to sign up and get involved. I gave up on hoping and waiting for people to come to me, and I stopped scouring the internet for advice.… Continue reading