October Update and an Exhale

Well, it’s been five months since my last post.  Rather than rattle off a litany of excuses, let me just say that my work has continued to expand in scope to the point that most days (and nights) there isn’t much of me left for anything else.    I have seen some posters on various FI blogs discuss their reluctance to pull the plug on a good paying, stable job.  While I understand the sentiment, this year has done nothing but solidify my desire for something different.

Exhale slowly, Grasshopper.

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April Financial Progress and Some Complaining

It’s been a slow month for posts but that’s because it’s been quite busy in other areas of my life.  After returning from our sailing trip to Thailand, I have been on a marathon of business travel.  In the last three weeks, I have been home with sweet Mrs. Zero a grand total of two days.  Mega-Bummer –  but my company doesn’t send me those paychecks every two weeks for my good looks.   No, lately it seems I am paid for blood pressure points above 110/70.

I am currently in Beijing China taking a break from work, spending an afternoon at an outdoor cafe’ with an incredibly overpriced Stella and the accompanying  “free” Chinese style spicy peanuts.  … Continue reading

Zero to a million dollars in 8 years

Predictable, I know, but I couldn’t help myself.

On February 25, 2017 the Zeroes achieved a milestone that seemed impossible just eight short years ago.  In fact, it was such an impossibility, that I am quite sure the idea of having a net worth of a million dollars only crossed my mind in the context of winning the lottery.  In 2009 our net worth had just crossed into the black.  That felt really good, but  I had no reason to believe we could build this kind of wealth on $65K of post tax earnings.  … Continue reading

February 2017 Update and Random Stuff

I have had a bit of writer’s block since my last post, so I thought I would update you on our financial progress.

Since our last update at the end of the year, our net worth has seen a very nice increase driven by a smoking hot market and our continued commitment to saving aggressively.  Total net worth increased $28,258 in the month of January.  Here’s a breakdown:

  • Tax Advantaged 401K and IRA accounts grew by a little more than $12K.  $2K was from Mr. Zero’s 401K contributions and the remaining $10K from investment growth!  
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2016 Year in Review

2016 was a good year for the The Divide by Zero, but also illustrates that we still have some work to do.  Here’s a quick summary of the year.


The Zero’s net worth grew by the largest amount ever in a single year.  We started the year at ~$740K and ended December at $930K.  A $190,000 increase for the year ain’t too shabby and puts us on pace to join the 2 comma club sometime in the first half of 2017.

Our tax advantaged account grew significantly thanks to very good 2016 market performance.  … Continue reading