What’s a day worth to you?

Tiananmen Square Beijing- Entrance to the Forbidden City.

My marathon of travel has continued through May. One of the most enjoyable aspects of being an engineer is having the opportunity to solve problems. As I have moved up the ranks in my company, opportunities to personally lead difficult problem solving activities has decreased significantly, but on rare occasions, when the problem has large financial or customer implications, I get tapped on the shoulder to do my thing. For the last 6 weeks, that is exactly what I have been doing.

I originally traveled to Beijing for a quick three day stop to check-in on my team who was already on the ground troubleshooting the issue.… Continue reading

Excuse us while we pursue our dreams

Apologize for lack of posts, but we have been a little distracted with a sailing vacation, a completion of another step toward our plans of early retirement and extended cruising aboard a sailboat.  I am also moving into a much busier time at work when I need to travel considerably more than the last few months.  I am writing this post from my hotel room overlooking the city of Osaka, Japan, sipping a cold Asahi beer purchased in the hotel vending machines (God, I love Japan).  A few years ago, we called Osaka, or more precisely Kobe, home.  … Continue reading

Why I drive a scooter to work

Don’t knock them until you try them. They are good, I promise.

Within 3 months of living in Asia I had made two purchases that I never envisioned making.  First purchase was a life time supply of those Fish Peanuts with chilies and dried seaweed you can find in every 7-11 in these parts.  Ok, just kidding, I didn’t buy a life time supply, but I have bought several industrial sized boxes of what might be the best beer snack ever invented.  YES, I am serious.  These little snacks are packed full of all the good stuff – carbs, protein, salt, yadadada, etc…  And did I mention they are great with beer?… Continue reading

Evaluating Net Self-Worth

Mr. Zero and I are in pursuit of financial independence.  If you’ve read his posts, you know that we have a timeline, a very well-defined plan taking into account FIRE (Financial Independence and Retiring Early), college tuitions, healthcare costs, etc. It’s all right to assume that every time we move forward within the plan, we get pleasure meeting a goal.

I begin this self-analysis as Part 2 of my post about Dale Carnegie. His remarks on the human need for feeling valuable had caused me to look at everyone around me to see how they derived pleasure.… Continue reading

February 2017 Update and Random Stuff

I have had a bit of writer’s block since my last post, so I thought I would update you on our financial progress.

Since our last update at the end of the year, our net worth has seen a very nice increase driven by a smoking hot market and our continued commitment to saving aggressively.  Total net worth increased $28,258 in the month of January.  Here’s a breakdown:

  • Tax Advantaged 401K and IRA accounts grew by a little more than $12K.  $2K was from Mr. Zero’s 401K contributions and the remaining $10K from investment growth!  
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