The Zeroes Suck at Christmas

As the Zeroes have evolved from Financially Irresponsible to Financially Independent, our behavior at Christmas has changed as well.

There was a time when Christmas was a great source of stress.  Worrying about what trendy gift to buy the kids, or which of their friends will give them a gift, so we can provide an appropriately reciprocal offering.   Because we had little left over after paying our bills, it was also stressful because we knew we were likely going to put Christmas on the credit card.

Now Christmas rolls off our back like drops of water on a duck’s behind.… Continue reading

The Science and Art of Delayed Gratification

I like my marshmallows golden brown and gooey inside.

I am not a financial wizard and certainly no expert in the area of investing.    No, the real driver of our modest success in growing net worth comes down to one simple behavior.

We are millionaires because we have mastered learned the art of delayed gratification – And You Can Too!

A person’s ability to put off a reward for the promise of receiving an even bigger reward in the future is known as delayed gratification.  It is not difficult to understand why this skill is extremely important in the context of building wealth and achieving financial independence.… Continue reading