I might be an A-Hole.

Into the sunset! No looking back!

I am guessing I am not alone here, but as our Financial Independence date draws closer (currently sometime in mid-2019), I find that the same questions of doubt keep percolating to the forefront of my mind. They all have something in common – they put a big gnarling pit in my stomach.

I have always prided myself on being hard working and responsible.  Even when things didn’t go my way, I could always fall back on a feeling of “well, I did my best and that is all one can do.”   I think this is why these questions resonate, until I feel sick to my stomach.  … Continue reading

Desire and Dale Carnegie

Previous attempt at manipulation. Zero #3 thinks he is a comedian.

Recently, I realized that I suck as a saleswoman. No, I didn’t have a particular good or service to sell. What I wanted to do was persuade people to volunteer. My challenge was finding a way to sell them on the belief that volunteering is worthwhile and valuable.  I needed to find some trick to get them to sign up and get involved. I gave up on hoping and waiting for people to come to me, and I stopped scouring the internet for advice.… Continue reading

What’s in a name?

William of Orange – a decidedly distinguished gentleman and the namesake of all those (Hill) BIlly’s and Willie’s.

My 3rd son was originally supposed to named William, but at the last minute, my wife got the old TV series Little House on the Prairie stuck in her brain and could not shake the thought of everyone calling our son “Willieeeeee!!!” So out went Willie, I mean William, and in came Zero3, who is instead the namesake of his great-great-grandfather.

For all those William’s, Will’s, Bill’s, Billy’s  and Willie’s out there – No offense intended.  

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2016 Year in Review

2016 was a good year for the The Divide by Zero, but also illustrates that we still have some work to do.  Here’s a quick summary of the year.


The Zero’s net worth grew by the largest amount ever in a single year.  We started the year at ~$740K and ended December at $930K.  A $190,000 increase for the year ain’t too shabby and puts us on pace to join the 2 comma club sometime in the first half of 2017.

Our tax advantaged account grew significantly thanks to very good 2016 market performance.  … Continue reading

Sailing Phang-Nga Bay and Andaman Sea Thailand

I have a dream to embark on some extended sailing adventures with the family once we achieve FI (financial independence).  This idea has been a major source of motivation and distraction when the stresses of work are particularly strong.  The catch is that although I have significant experience with small power and sailboats, my large-boat skipper experience is very limited.  For this reason, Mrs. Zero and I have had a plan to take advantage of our expat assignment travel budget (we are way too cheap to pay for something like this out of pocket) and gain experience through formal training and bareboat chartering.  … Continue reading